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About Pavel

Pavel Chatterjee is an Indian photographer. His passion for photography started with a Samsung Corby. Pavel Chatterjee is a self-taught photographer. He is a photojournalist in mainstream media at Freies Wort German newspaper (2019-Today), Outdoor Photography. Since 2014 Pavel has been working independently as a photographer specialising in documentary photography, abstract photography and a photo editor.

As a documentary photographer, he works on issues of health, and livelihood. He has a deep interest in photo-documenting cultures across Europe and India. His ongoing stories compare cultures between Kolkata(also the state of West Bengal, India) and the state of Thüringen(Germany). Apart from culture, he is also responsible for the local newspaper's sports section in Ilmenau, Germany. 


Pavel can communicate in English, German, Hindi and Bengali. His passion for photography is inspired by paintings, especially the works of Salvador Dali, Rembrandt, Johannes Vermeer, Georgia O'Keefe, etc. Apart from documentary work, he is into abstract art, which he tries to bring out in his photography and videography.


Pavel's work has been primarily published in süd thüringen Allgemeine, Freies Wort, National Geographic(Photo of the Day, Published works), and Outdoor Photography.

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